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goal setting

(Goal Setting)

There are many different "schools of thought" on this subject. In the context of accomplishment and self-esteem, one needs to at least believe on some level that what is being attempted is possible in the first place. Many times people ask me if anyone can be a magician. Of course the answer is "no". Not everyone can be a Classical Pianist, or the President of the United States for that matter. This topic is important because it raises the issue of realistic endeavors and goals, as well as seeing that quite often we can surpass what we think is possible. As with Perception, how we see ourselves and what we believe to be possible has a great deal to do with the outcome. Here we also discuss FOCUS and discipline. Also, as mentioned previously, Imagination plays a large part, as seeing oneself doing something is an important step in the "bringing into reality" process. If I want to do well in a magic performance, it helps to visualize myself in front of an audience, with a good response and the people enjoying what Iím doing for them. 

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