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  "Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve". "You can do almost anything you put your mind to". I have found that magic is quite stimulating for the mind. It raises many questions, and brings up a great deal of wonder.

    The most often spoken comments among both children and adults when they see magic is, "How did you do that?" and "Do that again!". Wonder and "give me another chance to figure that out!"... Both having to do with the mind. This is why itís so important to reiterate that I donít use magic as a means to fool people. It has never been about that for me; instead, to bring in the wonder and excitement, as in a mystery. A reminder about the possibilities open to us when we apply ourselves and open our minds to our imaginations. Inventions, art, science, math and language; all are examples of creative imaginations at work.

    In the course of discussing Imagination, we often refer to the subject of "brainstorming" and the importance of having a free flow of ideas and recommendations/suggestions without stopping to examine whether they are worthwhile or not. In using magic as an example, we look at a seemingly "impossible" scenario, and then figure out a way to actualize and make it become a reality. This is definitely an area that magic is a most useful tool in demonstrating how the imagination can be applied to creativity and accomplishment. I use the phrase "turning ideas into reality" and illustrate with several magical effects to give a strong visual representation of this process.

    I have also found that within the course of the program, many if not all the topics covered interrelate and counter balance each other. In the next "chapter", we discuss Goal Setting, and of course, itís hard to do so without using oneís Imagination! Ultimately, the subjects of motivation and self-esteem are greatly influenced by our ability to use and cultivate our imagination. How we see ourselves (from within the quiet recesses of our own inner mind) has an incredible impact on our ability to do well in the workplace, and in how we communicate, as well as in our relationships with friends and family.

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