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   This key is a subject that is rarely talked about, but so important to understand! I think that most everyone has had the experience of knowing something without there being a plausible or rational reason for that knowing. How many times have you had a 'gut' feeling that you disregarded, and later found out you were right? My experience and research indicates that we all have access to this ability to 'tap into' what some have referred to as the 'still small voice within' or our 'conscience'. Others call it a 'sixth' sense.

The reason I feel it is relevant to the M.A.G.I.C. Program, and why I discuss it with young people, is that I believe it to be a skill that is just as important as learning to tie your shoes or cook! As with all the keys, Intuition provides a tool to assist in acquiring an attitude of trust. Trust ultimately is an 'inside' job, based on outward circumstances. Most of us have had someone lie to us, and we know how it feels to find out; what do we say? It might feel that we've been 'kicked in the stomach'; interesting that the term 'gut feeling' is where our emotional response is often felt. I also discuss the importance of staying connected to that part of us that knows when we are getting 'off track', or when a friend or acquaintance is attempting to get us to do something that we sense isn't good or right. This important key also provides us with a 'built-in' protection alert; in order for it to work though, we have learn to listen to it and speak it's language.

This is also a very important key in personal relationships, both on a personal and business level. The more we can 'tune in' to our family and friends on an emotional level, the better we become at being a more compassionate and aware individual.

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