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    I mentioned this briefly in talking about Responsibility. Itís really what defines "The M.A.G.I.C. Program", in that I truly feel we can do "almost anything we put our minds to". In the process of building a strong foundation of character, if we donít believe in ourselves, it just wonít happen! I like the example here of what would happen if a football team never practices, thinks they have no chance of winning a game, and then goes out there to play. What are the chances theyíll even score at all? Why even go to the game?


Iíve found that Motivation has a lot to do with expectation. So many people fail because they donít believe whatever they are attempting is possible in the first place. We of course go back to the subject of Perception here, because whether we are motivated or not, depends a lot on if we think we can or canít achieve something. 


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