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I find it interesting that doctors when speaking of their profession refer to it as a "practice". Random House Dictionary defines practice as "a repeated performance or exercise in order to acquire skill". Definitely in relation to magic, practice is the most important aspect if one is to be successful in creating a magical experience. I have a magic book that begins with the admonition to the aspiring student to remember the three Pís of magic: Practice, Practice and ... Practice! There are few, if any, professions that do not require a fair amount of practice in order to achieve success. Students have no trouble understanding this concept, as we begin practicing at a very early age things like tying our shoes, reciting (practicing) the alphabet, addition, "times tables", etc... There is an unusual perception some children have that "professionals" donít need to practice. Television programs and movies may be primarily responsible, although there are some wonderful programs that give a "behind the scenes" look that can give a more realistic approach. There is also a great deal of discussion required here in terms of perfection. The old adage, "practice makes perfect", needs to be carefully considered since we as human beings do have limitations and are taught on so many levels that perfection is unattainable.

    This is where I also discuss perseverance. The idea of continuing to persist in spite of difficulty or obstacles. (By the way, Iíd like to mention here that when using these rather "grown up" terms, it creates great opportunities for discussion and learning new words!) In relation to practice, there is also a good deal of raising awareness about making mistakes.

Children need to know that mistakes are a part of learning, and that

"getting it right the first time" is a pretty unrealistic scenario. 

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