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    I like to discuss Teamwork because I think itís important for kids to understand the idea of "the bigger picture" . When we talked about Responsibility, we looked at how our actions affect those around us. Teamwork takes this a step further by seeing how we are, simply by being members of the human race, part of a much bigger "team". Again, everyone can relate to being chosen (or not) for sides in a game. If a child has been negatively impacted by such an experience, this can assist in going to a deeper place of understanding that we all have something to share. I always talk to children about everyone being "special". One example of the right way to think about oneís specialness, if you will, is to pretend it is a great secret. For instance, I say that I know Iím special, but I donít have to "tell" everyone; instead, I show my specialness through my actions and abilities.

    I was at a YMCA when I noticed a kid's t-shirt that said

"TEAM -Together Everyone Achieves More".


    In relation to being part of a team, our actions truly do speak louder than words. If we feel the need to "defend" ourselves when around others, quite often itís because we are lacking a positive self image. If we can encourage kids to feel good about themselves, they will worry less about what other people think, and instead think more about ways to get involved.

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