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The acronym M.A.G.I.C. stands for Mastering Attitude Generates Increased Confidence.

I think the phrase, "It's all about Attitude" really sums it up nicely!

    The ideas, principles and illustrations in the "M.A.G.I.C." program all form around a few very simple yet important concepts. Basically, the "main idea" is that if we believe in, and apply ourselves, then with patience and practice we can do almost anything we put our minds to.

    In this program, I use illustrations and examples of looking at the world as through the eyes of a magician. "One who is able to perform seemingly impossible feats without apparent physical means of support or assistance*". The role of the magician in our culture has primarily been seen in the form of entertainer. However, in the past and in other cultures, the magician is seen as healer, Shaman and truth-sayer or wiseman. Additionally, the use of the Magician as a metaphor for one who is "in their power" and in control of both their fate and destiny is a subtle, yet powerful image for children who lack self-esteem or have a less-than-confident image of themselves. This is where the "M.A.G.I.C." program differs from most other forms of motivational/self-esteem related presentations. This program directly engages the  imagination and plants what I refer to as "seeds of possibility".  

        It is my humble opinion that this program has the potential of assisting those involved in seeing themselves as being able to accomplish more than they had previously thought possible. I also believe that in a rather unusual "quirk", it de-mystifies the concept of "magical art", and proves that one doesn’t have to be a "magician" in order to become successful in whatever field one chooses to go into. The next few pages give a brief overview of the specific areas; the keys and their corresponding attitudes. There is always a good deal of participation, open discussion and how each topic relates to the children and their lives ... and of course, lots of



If you haven't done so, please watch the video on www.iammagic.net



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